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Interior Surface Finishes

Quality workmanship and attention to detail with all interior fittings and furniture.

We use Vohringer and Egger products for our precision cut interior campervan conversions. Both manufacturers provide an excellent range of lightweight boards and surfaces that allow us to build high quality, long lasting kitchens, tables, cabinets and storage spaces that will enhance and potentially add value to your van’s living space. Our most popular surface styles are listed below. However if you require something a little more bespoke please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to advise.
American Cherry Vohringer ply
American Cherry (3mm & 15mm)
Bardolino Oak (3mm & 15mm)
Carbon (3mm & 15mm)
Chilli Red Vohringer Ply
Chilli Red (3mm & 15mm)
Cream White (3mm & 15mm)
Driftwood Vohringer Ply
Driftwood (3mm & 15mm)
Gloss Barique Vohringer Ply
Gloss Barique Oak (3mm & 15mm)
Gloss Black Vohringer Ply
Gloss Black (3mm & 15mm)
Gloss Carbon Vohringer Ply
Gloss Carbon (3mm & 15mm)
Gloss Walnut Vohringer Ply
Gloss Walnut (3mm & 15mm)
Gloss White Walnut Vohringer Ply
Gloss Walnut/Gloss White (15mm)
Gloss White Vohringer Ply
Gloss White (3mm & 15mm)
Graffitti Grey Vohringer Ply
Graffitti Grey (3mm & 15mm)
Havana Hacienda Black Vohringer Ply
Havana Hacienda Black (3mm & 15mm)
Havana Hacienda White Vohringer Ply
Havana Hacienda White (3mm & 15mm)
Hellgrau Vohringer Ply
Hellgrau (3mm & 15mm)
Kendal Oak Vohringer Ply
Kendal Oak (3mm & 15mm)
Lime Vohringer Ply
Lime (3mm & 15mm)
Matt Black Vohringer Ply
Matt Black (3mm & 15mm)
Midnight Blue Vohringer Ply
Midnight Blue (3mm & 15mm)
Onyx Grey (3mm & 15mm)
Orange Vohringer Ply
Orange (3mm & 15mm)
Pearl Grey Vohringer Ply
Peal Grey (3mm & 15mm)
Pistachio (3mm & 15mm)
Putinella Vohringer Ply
Puntinella (3mm & 15mm)
Sand Zebrano Vohringer Ply
Sand Zebrano (3mm & 15mm)
Titanium Vohringer Ply
Titanium (3mm & 15mm)
Turquoise Vohringer Ply
Turquoise (3mm & 15mm)
Garnier Ply
Garnier Ply (15mm)
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