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Incredible custom van conversions tailored to your interests and hobbies!

Bespoke vans

Our custom van conversion service offers clients the opportunity to obtain a premium-quality, bespoke campervan conversion matched to their specific requirements or lifestyle at a realistic price point. From advising on layout designs that maximise internal space to the process of fitting out your living and sleeping area, the Van2Camper team are committed to delighting our customers with the best builds using only industry-leading materials and appliances.

You may take part in a particular sport; perhaps you enjoy windsurfing or cycling? Or maybe you own a racing car or motocross bike? Any of these pursuits involve the transportation of not only any personal items needed while away from home, such as clothing, food, toiletries and kitchenware, but also the accessories essential to participating in these outdoor activities. This could include tools, support equipment and appropriate safetywear.

Our van conversions can be adapted to meet the demands of your passion, and naturally we will have an in-depth conversation with you before any work commences. Modifications could be as straightforward as building extra storage space or something more complex that allows for a work area or secure unit to store valuable power tools. Most outdoor sports incur a degree of mud, dirt or water and therefore you may prefer that some floor areas or wall panels are finished with a tough, wipe-clean surface (such as the aluminium chequer plate pictured on this page).

The VW Crafter custom campervan conversion shown on this page highlights just a few of the hundreds of options clients can select from. With so many choices of layouts, surface finishes and specifications available we recommend that van owners contact us in the first instance to request a no-hassle, no-pressure consultation.


Configured to meet your anticipated use. Storage and appliances fitted in a choice of surface styles and specs.

  • Extra storage
  • More workspace


Robust surfaces for use in tough conditions.

  • Chequer plate aluminium
  • Easy to clean


Branded tool storage solutions perfectly integrated into your preferred area of the van.

  • Keep power tools secure
  • Casters on draws with excellent build quality


Professionally fitted.

  • Tow trailers/caravans
  • Available for most makes/models


Keep out of the sun and stay dry as you relax or prepare for your sport or activity. Industry recommended brands.

  • Easy to open and close
  • Quality awning design


Lighting, sockets and wiring adapted to suit your van's bespoke layout.

  • Mood lighting
  • Extra lighting and USB sockets